Agency Banking

  • Daily savings contributions

  •  Loan repayments

  • Cash deposits & withdrawals

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Detailed description

General description

  • Easily access all forms of basic banking services at any agent location from our network of partner agents, Paga (find a nearby agent here) and OPay (find a nearby agent on their app), covering all of the country’s regions

Who is eligible?

  • All clients with an Advans La Fayette MFB account


  • Advans debit card for withdrawals

What do I need to subscribe?

  • No subscription needed


What types of transactions can I perform at any Advans agent-partner locations?

(1)    Funding your Advans Account With Physical Cash(“cash-in”)
(2)    Funding your Advans Account with another bank’s Debit Card  (“cash-in”)
(3)    Withdraw from your Advans Account with Advans Debit Card (“cash-out”)

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