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Access up to 120M with no prior savings required, affordable interest rate and quick processing time.


No, we do not mandate our clients to make savings over time before accessing a loan facility. All we require is proof of your existing business and activity and other relevant documents in line with your loan request and you can access your funds within the shortest possible time.

We encourage our clients to run their accounts with us as we also offer standardized financial services that can make the use of a savings or current account very flexible and easy for our clients to manage.

The processing time for our loan facility takes a maximum of 7 working days as long as all documents have been submitted, appraised, and deemed satisfactory. Disbursement can then be done to the client within the stipulated 7 days.

Our loan facility appraisal is usually based on your business activity and profitability. Once we have concluded all necessary appraisals, we offer you a facility that places no financial burden on you, so that you can also make a profit even while your repayments are ongoing.

We appraise the amount you can assess based on your business activity first, before your assets. Your business activity and profitability will always determine the amount of loan you receive.

After a successful repayment on a first-cycle loan, clients have the opportunity to enjoy an extended duration for repayments on a second cycle and can access a higher amount after business activity and profitability have been further appraised.