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Michael is a single, tall, handsome young man and a successful businessman in his mid-30s. He hails from Ogun State in the Southwest region of Nigeria but lives in the Lekki area of Lagos State.

Michael lives a luxurious and comfortable life. He is a fun seeker and loves late-night clubbing. Apart from the shopping complex, which happens to be his business place, his favourite spot is the nightclub.

Do you know what happens at the nightclub? Your guess is as good as mine. 

Michael is a chain smoker and a heavy drinker who dedicates lots of time to fun-seeking but makes no time for his health. A few years down the line, the unthinkable happened! He was diagnosed.

Kidney Failure!!!

Now the struggle begins. Night prayers took the place of nightclubbing. Dialysis twice a week, all his life savings gone. On his sick bed, he said,

"How I wish I make time for my wellness". Maybe the problem would have been nit in the bud.

Remember, "If you don't make time for your wellness, you'll be forced to make time for your illness."

One way to make time for your wellness is by subscribing to health insurance schemes like Advans health insurance (Advans Malacare & Advans Medic). What do you stand to gain? 

1. Enjoy Regular Health Checks at No Cost:

Preventative health care is becoming commonplace as people become more educated and empowered about their health. 

Regular check-ups can help find potential health issues before they become a problem. Early detection gives you the best chance of getting the proper treatment quickly, avoiding complications.

2. Medical Care Without Strain on Your Finances:

The primary purpose of medical insurance is to receive the best medical care without any strain on your finances. Health insurance plans offer protection against high medical costs. It covers hospitalization expenses, daycare procedures, and many others.

3. Security of Family's health:

Protecting the health of your family members is necessary. You can protect your family members by investing regularly in the health insurance plan that covers your partner and your children.

4. Financial Security:

As medical costs rise, lifestyle-related diseases are also surging. In such a case, having health insurance in the present time is of utmost importance as it can financially protect you against unavoidable expenses. This way, your savings also remain protected.

Make the right choice today. Make time for your wellness so you are not forced to make time for your illness.


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