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Why You Need Health Insurance

Like that famous saying - "Life without health has no meaning; life is precious, but health is more precious because life without health is just like food without taste."

The most valued asset of every Nigerian man is their health. With a good health insurance plan, you will protect your health and financial future and that of your loved ones. 

Health insurance is a cost-effective way to pay for medical bills. Health insurance covers you from unexpected and high medical bills when ill or injured.

With the quality and affordable health insurance plan launched by Advans Nigeria, you will be doing yourself a great disservice if you refuse to take advantage.

One key benefit of health insurance is the access to Pharmacy and Hospital of choice within the HMO network and other resources to help you stay healthy. 

Other benefits you'll enjoy from buying an insurance plan are;

  • Ability to find the help you need close to home
  • Peace of mind because you adequately covered
  • Access to quality and affordable care and health information to keep you healthy

For more information on Advans Nigeria's health insurance plan, click here.