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Mobile Tellers Help Close Financial Inclusion Gap in Nigeria

For many years, Adenike, a micro-entrepreneur who ran a groceries store in Offa, Nigeria, didn’t have a bank account for basic savings transactions. She earned about ₦ 2,000 a day and kept her savings with thrift collectors who are most times unreliable and typically pays no interest on the money saved with them.

Adenike, didn’t have a choice because most formal banks lacked extensive branch networks, especially outside of major cities. Adenike heard about the Bank Mobile Tellering System, subscribe to it, and started making deposits daily in her bank account.

In Nigeria, a large number of people live in areas that lack basic banking services. While the number of Nigerians who own a bank account has been steadily increasing, research shows that there is still a long way to go in closing the gap.

How is ADVANS LA FAYETTE MICROFINANCE BANK helping to reduce these gaps?

For almost a decade now, Advans Nigeria has been helping to provide banking services to marginalized groups in Nigeria using bank mobile tellers and agency banking.

With Advans mobile tellers, clients won't need to travel long distances or leave their businesses for a long period of time just to make a cash deposit in the bank. We take this burden off the clients while they have more time to focus on their business.

Agency banking is also one strategy deployed by Advans Nigeria to reach the unbanked and ultimately close financial inclusion gaps in Nigeria.

Call 07000238267 or Whatsapp 08151770000 to learn more about our product and services.

Visit Advans Nigeria website @ www.advansnigeria.com