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6 Ways School Owners Can Boost Teacher’s Productivity.

Making your employees happy as a school owner is not your primary objective, but doing so can go a long way in making them remain productive. This will help you accomplish your primary goal which is to improve the lives of children and be profitable.

We have identified eight tested, and trusted strategies school owners can adopt to ensure their teachers feel appreciated.

1.  Celebrate growth and achievement

Showing appreciation for dedication and excellence should not only happen at the end of the year; it should be an event that happens more often within the year. Rather than handing out ‘teacher of the year’ awards, celebrate the growth and achievement of teachers over time.

2. Involve them in decision-making.

Involve your employees in making decisions that concern them and the students. When employees can provide their experience and expertise on issues that affect the school, they feel appreciated and like part of a team.

3. Treat your teachers with honesty and respect

Treating employees with respect, showing appreciation for their work and being an encourager will create a desire in employees to treat students and parents well. It will contribute to higher productivity and profitability.

4. Organize outdoor bonding activities

Team bonding activities will improve teamwork among your teachers. This will make employees better understand each other's strengths, weaknesses, and interests. This understanding helps them work together with a collective interest and purpose. Socializing with your school staff lets them see you as a real person, not just an administrator.

5. Help your teachers develop and grow

Professional development is a critical component of a successful business. Helping your team grow and develop professionally helps them build capacity and confidence as well as make them feel supported, appreciated and more productive.

6. Invest in school infrastructure

High-quality infrastructure in schools will facilitate a better understanding of instruction passed from teachers to students, improves student outcomes, reduces dropout rates, and in the end, increase the productivity of the teachers.

Many school owners find it challenging to implement this strategy – Investing in infrastructure. This is because of other more pressing financial obligations of the school.

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