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School Boost

  • What financial plans have you made for your school? Running a school smoothly without any financial hiccups requires adequate funding.


  • Advans School Boost is targeted at enabling school owners to acquire facilities to boost the continuous expansion and improvement of their school .

  • Our low interest loan is the way to go. Get Advans School Boost and acccess up to ₦ 75,000,000.

Detailed description

Detailed Description

  • Targeted at enabling the acquisition of facilities to boost the continuous expansion and improvement of the educational sector (Private schools only).
  • Access loans to the tune of N75m to cover your school expenses
  • Working capital / Investment   
  • Loan Duration of 6-12 months

Who is eligible?

  • Existing performing loan with Advans
  • Big micro /SME personal (school owners) and non personal (schools)       
  • CAC + Ministry of Education registration:
    a) Existing for >1 yr
    b) May not own business premises"
  • Ministry of Education registration only:
    a) Exisiting for >2yrs
    b) Must own business premises
  • CAC registration only (with evidence of MoE registration in procress):
    a) Existing for >2 yrs
    b) Must own business premises


  • Much lower interest rate compared to other competitors
  • Ease of access / Automatic eligibility (no long appraisal process)
  • Ease/flexibility in repayment
  • The interest is on reducing balance
  • Access loans up to the tune of ₦ 75,000,000.