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Charter for use of cookies

    Advans Lafayette microfinance bank wishes to inform you in a clear and transparent way about the use made of cookies when you browse through the Advans website https://www.advansnigeria.com/ and its application Adspire.

    What is a cookie? 

    A cookie is a small file that is saved on your device (computer, tablet, smartphone...) by a website you visit and in which is stored certain basic information of your internet history and behaviour.

    A user can not be identified directly through a cookie, but it identifies the used device or internet browser. The term “cookie” refers to all the technologies used to track the web browsing of a user.

    Why do we use cookies?

    Cookies are used on Advans Lafayette microfinance bank's website for different purposes. Thanks to them, your web browsing may be eased. We may also offer you personalised contents or advertising. It also allows us to compile statistical visit data.

    When you visit our website and application, we may then gather information regarding your activity on them and your preferences through cookies.

    Which types of cookies are used?

    Functional cookies: These cookies are required for the website to function normally. It can be, for instance, cookies to adapt the website interface to your device display to ensure the best user experience. It can also be cookies we need to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations or to ensure the proper functioning of the website.

    Audience measurement cookiesWe use audience measurement cookies, either directly or through our service provider, to better understand the use and performance of our website, to compile statistical data and volumes of visits and use of various elements of our website (visited pages, use path, etc.). These cookies produce completely anonymous statistical data.

    Thanks to these cookies, we are therefore able to improve the ergonomics of our website and our application and to compile statistics on the performance of our advertising campaigns.

    Advertising cookies: Through these cookies, Advans Lafayette microfinance bank is able to share personalised advertisements based on your browsing behaviour on our site and your profile.

    Advans Lafayette microfinance bank uses the browsing data collected with these tracers to also improve its customer knowledge and to send you personalised communications in line with your needs.

    Social Media and content sharing cookies: Social media buttons are present on our website. They are linked to our social media accounts to facilitate the follow-up on our news and our publications on these networks.

    When you go to a webpage by using one of these buttons, your internet browser might send data to the related social network company that might then link what you see to your profile on the social network.

    Advans Lafayette microfinance bank does not control the cookies placed directly by Google and social media on your internet browser. To find out more, we recommend that you consult the privacy policies specific to each of these social media:

    Google : https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=en-GHA

    Facebook/Instagram : https://www.facebook.com/about/privacy/previous 

    Twitter : https://twitter.com/en/privacy

    LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/legal/privacy-policy


    Le tableau suivant décrit en détail le fonctionnement des cookies :

    _ga.advansgroup.com24 moisLe cookie _ga, installé par Google Analytics, calcule les données des visiteurs, des sessions et des campagnes et assure également le suivi de l'utilisation du site pour le rapport d'analyse du site. Le cookie stocke des informations de manière anonyme et attribue un numéro généré de manière aléatoire pour reconnaître les visiteurs uniques.
    _gid.advansgroup.com1 jourInstallé par Google Analytics, le cookie _gid stocke des informations sur la façon dont les visiteurs utilisent un site Web, tout en créant également un rapport d'analyse des performances du site Web. Certaines des données collectées incluent le nombre de visiteurs, leur source et les pages qu'ils visitent de manière anonyme.
    _gat.advansgroup.com1 minuteCe cookie est installé par Google Universal Analytics pour restreindre le taux de demande et ainsi limiter la collecte de données sur les sites à fort trafic.

    Désactiver les cookies tiers sur votre navigateur

    Certains navigateurs comme Google Chrome ou Mozilla Firefox ont la possibilité de bloquer les cookies tiers. Ce blocage limite certaines fonctionnalités et peuvent générer des erreurs/bugs.

    Désactiver les cookies tiers sur Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge et autres navigateurs Chromium : https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/61416?hl=en

    Désactiver les cookies tiers sur Mozilla Firefox et autres navigateurs Gecko : https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/third-party-cookies-firefox-tracking-protection