Advans Access

  • Get up to N1.5m and pay back in 12 months

  • Affordable interest rate

  • Get loan within 3 working days

Ask for a loan

I was able to buy more goods for my shop to meet the needs of my customers.

Detailed description

Who is eligible?

  • Micro Businesses and Sole proprietors
  • Nigerian nationality or resident ≥ 10 years  - Above 21 y.o.
  • 12 months at the same location


  • Loans from ₦150,000 -  ₦1,500,000
  • 1% processing fee
  • 0.99% insurance fee
  • No need to save before getting a loan
  • Flexible repayment

What do I need to apply?

  • Valid ID card, 3 passport photographs
  • Proof of business ownership (Shop receipt, CAC documents, etc)
  • Proof of residency (e.g. Utility bills)
  • 1 guarantor - May have his/her own business or working with a private company within the private sector.


Question: How long does it take to process a loan application?

Answer: The processing time for our loan facility takes a maximum of 7 working days as long as all documents have been submitted, appraised and deemed satisfactory.

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