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Trusted Strategies for improving Small Scale Businesses.

Improving and growing a business can be time-consuming, requiring hard work and detailed attention. However, some basic principles and strategies work on nearly every small business and most likely would work on your own business if you follow through.

The following strategies highlighted below will be helpful in your quest to grow your business.

1. Smart Branding

Prospective customers like to associate themselves with established brands. Therefore, you need to take branding seriously to grow big. People should be able to decode your business name and what you stand for by merely looking at your logo. Make your brand logo less complex and attractive.

Make your brand name catchy, clear mission statement and a simple, straightforward slogan.

2. Good quality products/services

The products and services rendered must mirror your brand name and mission statement, no matter how top-notch your branding is. The quality of products and services rendered must be reasonable and ensure that customers get value for their money.

A satisfied customer is the best brand advocate for any business. Customers who are satisfied with your service tend to come back and will most likely introduce your business to others.

3. Timely Customer Service

Your business and employees must give quality and timely assistance to the people who use or buy your products and services and ensure their needs are met in a manner that reflects positively on the company or business.

This singular act builds more confidence in your customers about your business, ultimately leading to your business growth.

4. Advertisement

Without advertisement, nobody will know how good your products and services are. There are businesses out there not as good as yours, making triple of your sales because they invested their time and resources in advertising.

With social media, you don’t need to break a bank to be heard. Look out for small businesses like yours that are doing well on social media and replicate their social media strategies as a template for your own business.

5. Go Mobile/Go Online

Every ambitious business owner will go mobile with his/her business. People search steadily online daily on how to solve their problems.  Such people also love the convenience and will be more than happy to have their order delivered to their doorstep.

Businesses with no online presence will be losing many customers daily, which could have added to the growing customer base.

Irrespective of your solutions, your clients should be able to access you from anywhere – go to them.

6. Get Investors

For any small business, the customer is king, but cash is also crucial, and keeping ready cash available to cover expenses and payroll can be an ongoing challenge. You want to pay your suppliers and contractors on time, plus you have fixed expenses like rent and utilities, taxes, and payroll that can’t be late.

You can access loan products from financial institutions such as Advans La Fayette Microfinance Bank, targeted at small and medium-scale businesses.

Growing your business becomes easier with Advans Nigeria, and our products are designed primarily for your business segments.

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