Other Services

Verve & MasterCards

Advans Verve & Debit MasterCards offer our clients 24/hour 7 days a week access to funds both within and outside the country. Our clients can also pay bills, shop online and pay in store using the Advans Verve & MasterCard.

Mobile teller collection

Targeted at busy traders and micro entrepreneurs, the mobile teller collection service was developed to facilitate clients' transactions that may be too busy to visit a branch network.

Interbank Transfers

Safe electronic transfers to accounts within other financial institutions. A safe and convenient transaction means especially for large sums and for direct payments to suppliers or business transactions.

SMS Alert

Alert for any debit or credit transaction made on your account.

Third Party Cheques

We have upgraded our La Fayette MFB bouquet of current accounts to accept third party cheque deposits for outward clearing. This new feature on the current account will enable our individual and institutional account holder’s access to a wider range of payments systems.