Our Commitment

Advans Institutions are committed to

  • Having a positive impact on clients’ revenues and savings through supporting their activities and building their financial stability
  • Reaching out to underserved populations with appropriate products and channels
  • Providing clients with quality services in a transparent, respectful and conscientious manner
  • Creating a fair, healthy and dynamic working environment for our staff
  • Being accountable and build awareness of social and environmental issues amongst employees and clients

Monitoring of the Environmental and Social Policy (ESP)

At group level

  1. The ESP Manager ensures that the procedures are followed and that the Social and Environmental Management System (SEMS) is properly enforced and in accordance with best practices;
  2. The Technical Specialist works in conjunction with the ESP Manager and is the contact point for all affiliates or external partners for any technical ESP questions.

At affiliate level

  1. The ESP Coordinator ensures the ESP is applied correctly in the affiliate, and acts as the point of contact on all environmental and social matters for the institution in question;
  2. The General Manager and Head of Operations support the ESP Coordinator in his or her role.


Advans SA's Exclusion list

Advans SA has an Environmental and Social exclusion list that all affiliates must implement in order to avoid financing activities with a potentially harmful effect on society or on the environment. This list incorporates the exclusion lists of its shareholders and partners and is updated in accordance with best practices in the sector.

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The list below provides a summary of the activities banned by the exclusion list:

Activities involving harmful or exploitative forms of forced labour

Activities deemed illegal under host country laws/regulations or international conventions

Activities involving the production or trade of tobacco or alcoholic beverages (excluding beer or wine)

Activities involving the trade of pharmaceuticals banned or phased out internationally

Activities involving the trade of wood or forestry products from unmanaged forests

Activities which have substantial negative impact on health or the environment

Activities which involve the arms trade, gambling, radioactive material, drift net fishing, arms manufacturing, illegal drugs, pornography, impingement on lands owned by indigenous peoples, and the production of racist, anti-democratic or neo-Nazi material.

ESP Training

Staff that join the Advans network receive specific training on raising awareness of the institution’s social and environmental responsibility, with a focus on the ESP and the Advans group’s mission. The training is geared to branch staff, who have a direct relationship with clients.